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Practice Areas - Business Valuations

I f part of the marital estate consists of a business, it is essential that you have qualified experts with specialized training to analyze and/or value the business. A business valuator identifies the ability of the business to generate income both now and in the future. It looks at what price the business could bring in an arm's length transaction between a willing buyer and willing seller. Among many other factors, a business valuator analyzes how much the value of the business is dependent on the present owner. When parties are divorcing, it is not uncommon for the spouse who owns the business to attempt to conceal the value of it by hiding the true income of the business. On the other hand, the non-owner spouse (understanding that the business may be considered marital property) is often convinced that the business has a value that is simply unrealistic.

Valley Green-edittedFor this reason, business valuations are important because they seek to provide an accurate picture of the value of the business subject to the equitable distribution process (see "Equitable Distribution" under the Resources tab for a full discussion of marital property and distribution of the marital estate).  The Law Offices of Jeannie Fridey works closely with highly qualified professionals whose reputations and work are relied upon by the courts in accurately valuing businesses.