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Practice Areas - High Asset and High Profile Clients

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Practice Areas - High Asset and High Profile Clients

I t takes specialized and extraordinary skill and experience to successfully manage high asset and/or high profile cases. High asset cases require knowledge, innovative thinking and creativity on the part of the attorney to ensure the protection and proper distribution of assets in divorces. This is also true for support matters. Pennsylvania allows for the discretionary deviation of support orders in cases in which an obligor may have a large estate. For example, an obligor may not show extraordinary income, but she/he may own significant assets. This may effect his/her support obligation.

High asset cases routinely involve sorting out the details of complicated trusts, real estate holdings, business values, deferred compensation, stock options, investments, and collections of fine art, antiques and jewelry. These types of cases require a firm that possesses the resources, network, ability to invest the time and a team of experts (forensic accountants, business valuators, appraisers of fine art, antique and jewelry collections and real estate appraisers) at its disposal to effectively and successfully produce the optimal results you desire. High profile clients additionally require an attorney with discretion, availability and expertise who is sensitive to the complexities unique to such cases.

gold gazebo-edittedJeannie E. Fridey, Esquire has a history of successfully representing both high-profile and high-asset clients. She possesses the knowledge, skill, experience and resources necessary to navigate the needs and issues unique to these clients.