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Practice Areas - Protection from Abuse

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Practice Areas - Protection from Abuse

E very person deserves to feel safe in their relationships and homes. No one has the right to harm or threaten violence against another. Pennsylvania has statutes and procedures to protect individuals from harm and/or the reasonable fear of injury. Physical violence and/or threats of violence cannot be tolerated; therefore, protection laws are necessary and valuable.

On the other hand, sometimes when relationships are ending, and for purposes of attempting to gain an advantage, individuals exploit the laws and falsely accuse his/her significant other of abuse. The consequences of false allegations can be life-altering; therefore, exploitation of those laws to gain an unfair advantage is inexcusable and must not be tolerated.

Whether you are seeking protection from violence or threats of violence or you are seeking protection from someone who is misusing the law, the Law Offices of Jeannie Fridey can help. Jeannie Fridey, Esquire has an outstanding track record with protection from abuse cases.  She has a history of ensuring that adequate protection orders are put into place for people who have been harmed or threatened.  She has also been very successful in exposing false accusations and protecting innocent defendants from the life-altering consequences of false allegations.